• It's not rules and regulations. It’s the way people work together*.


Governance Evolution is a boutique consultancy specialized in corporate governance. When compliance with corporate governance standards seems to become a goal in itself, and you want to pay more time and attention to let the core value of your organisation thrive, we are here to assist and support you.

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Corporate governance

We believe in the inherent competencies of people. The rules and structures within an organisation should support the achievement of sustainable performance. Thus strong and efficient corporate governance should address not just procedural matters but also human behaviour, interpersonal processes, internal and external communication and cultural differences. We are committed to shape corporate culture and behaviour, board and business processes to align organisation, market and compliance demands. We do this through board advisory services, project and interim management, and coaching.

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We offer a personalised, collaborative service drawing upon a network of trusted professionals centered around our philosophy that organisations are about how people work. We do not take over or change for the sake of changing, we do what is necessary, use what is available and effective and help to discard what is not effective anymore. We stand next to you and work with you and your people in the organisation, so everyone can build on what we achieved together.

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* We like this statement of Jeffrey A. Sonnenfeld (What Makes Great Boards Great, 2002, HBR) so much that we put it on our homepage. Read here why.


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